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Part 2 of my handmade gifts round-up!

These beauties are all under £20, and all of the featured makers will be exhibiting at the Crafty Fox Christmas Market in Peckham on December 14th.


1: Leather matches charm necklace by Benu (£16)

2: Kitten of the year show calendar 2014 by Charlotte Farmer (£20)

3: Perfume Set by Hairy Jayne (£14)

4: Ceramic Earrings by jANjAN! ceramics (£15)

5: Cloud Coaster Set by Pygmy Cloud (£14)

6: Art Print by Moha (£15)

7: Mug by Mr Wingate (£12.50)

8: Moustache Bag by Lovely Jo Jo's (£10)


See part 1 (gifts under £10) here.

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March 07, 2014

These are very beautiful unique gifts! They will make the perfect corporate gifts for a couple of clients of mine, that tote bag is great for one who is particularly moustache-obsessed!

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