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Buy The West Pier Necklace Now

I've lived in and around Brighton for most of my life, and sitting in the background throughout that time has been the glorious wreckage of The West Pier.

Brighton West PierThe West Pier at sunset. Photo by Catherine Jessey.

For decades the derelict pier has provided a backdrop to drinks on the beach, and a home to thousands of starlings who put on a show every day at dusk.

Now flanked by modern developments, only the metal skeleton remains. But it still holds a place in the heart of every Brightonian.

I'm going to be leaving Brighton soon, and I wanted a tiny piece to take with me, so I sketched a basic shape and got to work carving my tribute to this broken beauty.

A mould was then created from the wax carving, and it was cast in sterling silver, polished up and attached to a delicate silver chain.

And there you have it! If you have any stories or memories about the West Pier, I'd love to hear them...


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